Robotics for kids and beginners with Arduino

About Course

This course is designed for parents who want to accelerate futuristic technology for their children and future-proof their careers. We have a series of courses called the HIGH-5 K2K collection that teaches skills such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Product Design, and 3D Printing. Kid to Kid is an effective learning model as kids get motivated by other kids easily. When content is taught by a kid, they can easily connect, and it puts them in the mindset “I can do it too!”. This course is the first one in the series and is for all ages above 10.

Our course starts with the basic principles of science such as Atoms and Electricity then moves on to cover electronics such as the different components in a circuit and how it works. We also cover the fundamentals of a microcontroller and students thoroughly learn how to work with an Arduino and how to code. All lectures have engaging content which is easy for a kid to follow. The course has a range of practical lessons where we guide students step by step on how to fritz on a breadboard and bring it to life with code. Quizzes and extension assignments are also provided frequently to enrich the students learning experience. The course helps students to learn in the right mindset and to be fully engaged. This is a great course for parents to give their kids a head start in learning robotics with an Arduino.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamentals of electronics & circuits
  • Fundamentals of ARDUINO
  • How to build robotic projects
  • How to build simple circuits
  • Different components in a circuit and their functions
  • What is a integrated circuit
  • What is a microcontroller
  • Understand the relationship between current, voltage and resistance
  • Build mini projects with and without a microcontroller
  • Understand the anatomy of an Arduino
  • How to setup Arduino development kit from the start
  • Why a modern day kid needs to learn robotics and Arduino

Course Content


Basics of electronics and a circuit

Compenents in a circuit

Introduction to Arduino

Arduino & Coding exercises

Final Projects

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