Kids Coding – Beginner HTML

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Do your kids spend too much time on the computer, phone or tablet? Don’t you wish they could do something more productive? Why not get them to learn a life long valuable skill that will lead them into a career that pays 2 times the national average?

Programming is the new math. The average computer programmer makes Kz 39,000,000 a year and there will always be a need for programmers. The only problem is that all of the educational courses are not tailored towards the learning styles of children. Most of the documentation is geared towards people over 18.

This course shows kids how to code by adapting the material to their learning styles. There are animated lectures, informative screencasts and tests.

This course is not only fun for kids to watch and listen, it is interactive and fun. More and more people are learning to code so do you want your kids to not have the same opportunities as others? This course offers your kids a competitive advantage.

Employers look for technical skills and applicants that can code are more attractive to hire. Even if the job isn’t technical it always helps to have that technical knowledge to communicate with the technical team. Personally, I like to hire people with programming skills. If they are artists, video editors, or social media marketers, I generally prefer to hire people with programming experience.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to program
  • Learn about software development
  • Learn about web development
  • Learn the fundamentals of software productions
  • Learn the fundamentals of programming

Course Content

Course Introduction

Course requirements and format

Setting up an HTML document

Paragraph tags

Header tags


Adding in a link

Adding an image

Changing the image size

Adding a border to the image

Adding a link to an image

Ordered and unordered lists

Lists within lists


Tags within tables

Table Properties

Final Project

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